Arborists Job Of The Month

In September, our Arborists were tasked with the important job of improving an overgrown property's appearance prior to sale. This property had been in the long-term possession of an elderly couple who had simply been unable to maintain it. Declared pest species had overtaken the property, including a massive umbrella tree, cocos palms, and broad-leaf pepper trees. The roots of the umbrella tree and several palms had pushed up the concrete pathway down the side of the property, and the pepper trees were hiding more than half of the front yard and backyard. Umbrella tree leaves were filling the gutters and causing rot around the fascia, while overgrown shrubs were blocking the driveway access through to the garage. Our client initially requested our Gold Coast Arborists work along the rear fence-line where the fence was being pushed over by the overgrowth and causing problems for the rear neighbours. Our site inspection revealed that the overgrowth was more extensive, and we put forward a proposal which would achieve all of their goals and ensure a much better pre-sale presentation. We recommended retaining the poinciana tree and the frangipani in the backyard, to retain valuable greenery. Our proposal was gratefully accepted and we were able to set to work straight away including:

  • removing umbrella trees
  • removal of cocos palms
  • removal of pepper trees
  • removing a dying silky oak tree overhanging the house
  • pruning of shrubs
  • reduction of the monstera deliciosa
  • stump grinding of all removed trees and palms

This job was very satisfying in its obvious outcomes. The property was quite simply unrecognisable after the substantial tree removal of all of the weed species. The street appeal was improved dramatically by removing the massive pepper tree and umbrella tree which had blocked all natural light from entering the western side of the property. The fencing crew now had ready access to replace the broken rear fence. And, significantly, the neighbouring properties now no longer had problems with trees affecting the value of their own properties. Our client was very happy with the outcome, and it was a win-win for all parties with a job well done by our arborists.

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