Removing a tree from your property is not something that you should just rush into. There are so many things that you need to consider to avoid potential injuries, damage to property and environmental consequences, not to mention the council fines which may apply. Tree lopping or removal is definitely not the best DIY project for a homeowner who has no experience with the task. That is where a reliable and reputable company for tree lopping Gold Coast comes in handy. With a host of tree lopping businesses operating in South-East Queensland, choosing the right one is not an easy task.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best tree service:

1. Gold Coast tree removal and tree pruning should be handled by a company that employs qualified arborists.

Tree cutting of any kind is not for everyone. Just because someone has a chainsaw and ute, does not mean he can call himself an arborist. There is a certain set of qualifications to fulfil in order to become a fully-fledged arborist in Australia. Badly executed tree lopping Gold Coast can not only cause injury and damage to property, but it can also cause long-term damage to trees. One of the worst results of ill-advised tree lopping is epicormic regrowth which becomes very unstable and highly susceptible to damage in strong winds and storms. That is why the first thing to look for when considering any tree lopping is a properly qualified and experienced tree service. Ask the potential candidate if they work to the Australian Standard and request a copy of their qualifications. The company should preferably work to the Australian Standard of AS4373 – Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007). The qualifications of the other staff of the tree service are also important. The right company should employ staff who are certified to use chainsaws for pruning of trees and require qualifications for working near high-voltage power lines. They should also have qualifications to work with relevant heavy machines in the industry. The highest level of qualifications for an arborist is a Diploma in Arboriculture which enables the arborist to complete thorough tree assessment reports. Aussie Tree Care utilises qualified, experienced and insured arborists for all tree lopping Gold Coast activities.

2. All tree work should be completed by insured tree professionals.

Tree work is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous tasks. Climbing arborists operate from dizzy heights with heavy tools. Tree removal can lead to numerous problems when not done properly – such as injuries to your family, damage to your property or your neighbour’s property, and irrevocable damage to the trees in your garden that have taken many years to grow. Hence, the second thing to look for is whether the potential service provider is adequately insured. Any Gold Coast tree service which you allow to work on your property should have at least public liability insurance to the tune of $10 million plus worker’s compensation insurance. Ask them to provide a copy of their insurance. At Aussie Tree Care, we provide a copy of our insurance together with our comprehensive free quotes.

3. The tree service should provide a written quote before they begin your tree work.

The quote should be clear and include the full details of the work that needs to be done on your property. Make sure they specify all of the work which you have asked them to complete. It should also describe what will happen to the debris once the work is completed. Ask who is responsible for obtaining the permits if your trees are protected by the Heritage Council or a local council.

4. A tree lopping Gold Coast company should be well-equipped to handle the type of work you require.

It is not likely that the person who meets with you will have all of the relevant equipment with them at the time of quoting. Ask them what equipment the tree lopping company has to bring to the job. Importantly, ask them the size of the chipper, especially if they are charging by the hour. A 6 inch chipper will work far slower, and cost you more in the long run, than a 12 inch chipper. Ideally, a tree service on the Gold Coast should have a minimum 14 inch chipper as well as a sizeable enclosed truck to take away all tree waste. These are important things to look for when choosing the best tree service on the Gold Coast.

5. Request that the tree company provide you with references.

Ask them to advise two properties on the Gold Coast where they have done similar work, so that you can inspect their previous work. You should follow up these leads before making the final decision to hire the tree service. Furthermore, look up their Google reviews and see what their clients have rated them. A five-star rated company for tree lopping Gold Coast is clearly far superior to a three-star rated company. It could easily be a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. See our reviews here.

6. Finally, ask the company if they are a member of a professional organisation in Australia.

At present, all tree work in Australia is unregulated. That means that there is no peak body which governs the completion of this important and dangerous industry. Even though membership of a professional organisation doesn’t always guarantee work standards, member companies show a greater degree of commitment to their industry when compared to other service providers.

These are all important tips to consider when you are looking for the best tree lopper Gold Coast. Check out our About Us page to see how we can meet your expectations.

Tree lopping Gold Coast

Tree lopping Gold Coast